Evil prevails when good men do nothing - Edmund Burke 1729 - 1797

Act for Australia

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Act for Australia

Act for Australia is part of a international alliance dedicated to upholding The traditional Western values that underpin Freedom, Democracy, Equality and Human rights.

Today much of the education system together with mass media and popular opinion encourage a form idealism that ignores human nature, history and present trends.  Our inability to learn from the past, creates a cycle where suffering too often follows prosperity.

The liberty to challenge ideas, attitudes and behaviour is of great importance. Fighting for our passions whether they be political, social or environmental is very difficult in the absence of freedom.

Blinded by apathy, silenced by political correctness, and held captive by bad laws, our Governments increasingly fail to understand that today’s concessions will weaken our capacity to stand against tomorrow’s tyranny. 

Against a backdrop of conflicting world views our children's future is increasingly being shaped by those seeking to destroy the foundation stones upon which Western civilisation was built.

In order to save the future we the people must look beyond selfish desires and act.  Unless we wake up, stand up and push back against the wave of bad ideas our children will inherit a country with diminished freedoms.

Unlike other religions ISLAM is an all-encompassing system for life, an ideology that governs all social, political, religious, and military aspects of humanity.

The freedoms delivered by our democracy are being used to undermine Australian values and our children's inheritance.

We call on the Australian public from all walks of life to stand with us in peaceful opposition to the Islamisation of Australia. It is our goal to mobilize Australians and make the rising tide of ISLAM the number 1 issue at all state and federal elections.

If we lose our freedom we lose everything including the ability to search for TRUTH.

Tolerance of an all-encompassing theocratic ideology that clearly, throughout the Islamic nations of the world, illustrates its intolerance, is both dangerous and foolish.

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