Evil prevails when good men do nothing - Edmund Burke 1729 - 1797

Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles


All human beings should be free to voice an opinion, embrace a religion, pursue an education and seek prosperity. Freedom enables people to search for truth. 


The pursuit of truth must overrule political correctness and tolerance. Without truth we are blind.

Rule of law

Australia is best served by one law for all people via a parliamentary democracy.


Men and women are different, however they have the same value, and share the same rights.

Multi Ethnicity

Multiculturalism has embedded values that can conflict with Australian law, freedom,and equality, therefore multi-ethnic is a preferable term as it only refers to where people have come from and not what they bring with them.

Love, Goodwill and Charity

Humanity has a responsibility to reach out and help the hungry and oppressed. We stand for people and oppose ideologies that hurt them.


We believe in looking after our planet and support sound environmental policy and practice.  We oppose the use of environmental arguments to support political agendas.

We stand against attitudes, ideas and practices - not people.

We oppose racism in all forms.




This website is a response to the challenge posed by Islam to freedom and Western values.

Its intent is to focus on Islam rather than individual Muslims. We recognize that Islam has a wide spectrum of adherents with varying views, and that not all Muslims follow or support the same ideas, philosophy or practices.

It is not our intention to offend or vilify.

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